Solid Foundations Religious and Moral Education

Namibia Publishing House 
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Religious and Moral Education is based on the syllabus for the Junior Primary Phase for Grades 1-3.
In Religious and Moral Education children learn about different religious beliefs, social responsibilities and ethical behaviour. This course aims at assisting learners to acquire a basic knowledge of themselves as individuals and as members of society, as belonging to a family and to foster good relationships between home and school. In the Namibian context Religious and Moral Education should be seen as an opportunity to find common values and shared approaches to life among our multi-faith society. Religious and Moral Education forms an integral part of teaching and is important for teachers and parents to lay a strong foundation for our children. Religious and Moral Education aims at equipping our learners to deal with moral and ethical issues such as integrity, behaviour, discipline, ability to adjust and the role they need to play. The morals taught through stories, parables and games should become an integrated part of how our learners understand their roles and responsibilities. Religious and Moral Education aims at preparing learners for life, developing positive values and attitudes. Key features: clear, purposefully designed books which address the essential morals and ethics introduces interesting stories and experiences with enough opportunity for discussion and communication contains varying types of stories, parables and songs reinforces moral values such as respect, courage, kindness, honesty and caring for others teaches responsibility and discipline complete Teacherís Guide with lesson suggestions and worksheets interesting activities many opportunities to work in groups or teams