Nunderero dhongcamu: Yikuhonga yopaMukunda Mbapira dhaMwanuke

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The Solid Foundations Environmental Studies course for the Junior Primary Phase has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the New Environmental Studies Syllabus developed by NIED for implementation in 2015.
The core components of the course: Learnerís Book and Teacherís Guide, when used together, provide a complete coverage of the requirements of the New Environmental Studies Syllabus, within 3 periods per week in Grades 1 and 2, and 5 periods in Grade 3, over a 36-week school year. Key features of the course include: Learner-centred education Thematic/integrated approach A School Readiness/Preparatory Programme 5 weeks incorporated in the first term of Grade 1 Cross-curricular issues as stated in the New Environmental Studies Syllabus addressed throughout the course Careful integration of the themes/topics of the New Environmental Studies Syllabus with the scientific methods of inquiry, observation and experiments Promotion of inclusive education and gender equality Photocopiable worksheets and projects to practise and assess competencies taught Comprehensive, clear and easy to use weekly lesson plans and teaching steps Support for Learners with Special needs or Learning Difficulties Activities to support Multi-ability Learning Ideas for the use of low cost/no cost materials for each topic. Overall, the Solid Foundations Environmental Studies course, with its core components used consistently (as guided in the Teacherís Guide), provides an excellent coverage of the New Curriculum and will equip learners with life-long skills and competencies as stipulated in the New Environmental Studies Syllabus.