Nunderero dhongcamu: Yivarero Mbapira dhaMwanuke

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Namibia Publishing House 
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Solid Foundations Mathematics is based on the Junior Primary Phase Mathematics Syllabus for Grades 1-3. The themes are based on the themes and topics for Environmental Studies. The Solid Foundations Mathematics books support the learner-centred approach, focusing on the development of skills to master mathematical operations. The books aim at helping learners develop functional numeracy and mathematical thinking through the implementation of strategies. The content is presented in a colourful and visually stimulating format which challenges learners to enjoy and experience Mathematics as a means of acquiring basic problem solving skills.
Solid Foundations Mathematics focuses on applying Mathematics as part of problem solving and investigation used in everyday life that learners can apply in all other subjects. Learners are encouraged to apply the knowledge, skills, concepts and processes in any situation. What is new in the Solid Foundations Mathematics series is the implementation of strategies: the strategies of counting, teaching concepts, computation and measurement. The Teacherís Guide explains how to approach the implementation and teaching of these strategies. Key features: covers the complete syllabus and required competencies each competency is divided into three terms and taught three times a year to ensure proper internalisation and retention builds on prior knowledge uses the same themes and topics as EVM introduces the basic competencies: number concept development, computation, problem solving, measurement, money, geometry and data handling variety of exercises and examples The learning support materials for the Solid Foundations Mathematics series include: a Learnerís Book a Teacherís Guide