Pre-Primary Education for All T/G

Published Date:
Namibia Publishing House 
N$ 168.31
Pre-Primary Education for All - an integrated School Readiness Programme for Pre-Primary learners based on the Namibian Syllabus implemented in 2011. It is the latest programme written to develop all the learning areas a pre-school child should master to enter Lower Primary learning with confidence.
Pre-Primary Education for All follows an integrated approach in a learner-centred manner. It consists of: ? full-colour Learnerís Workbook Cartoon characters guide learners through various tasks. Attractive illustrations make learning fun. Clear non-lingual instructions help learners understand the tasks easily. ? a comprehensive Teacherís Guide Step-by-step approach offers teachers guidance on getting organised in the classroom. Ready lesson plans help teachers with planning ahead. Introduction lessons show teachers how to tackle introducing concepts, numbers, colours, shapes and sounds. Easy to use teaching aids (assessment form, instruction cards, weather, date and birthday chart, patterns, story cards, songs and short stories) can all be photocopied and used in the classroom when needed. ? attractive Poster Pack Nine full-colour posters designed to cover key areas of learning help teachers reinforce the concepts taught in the Learnerís Workbook. The posters decorate classrooms, provide important visual stimuli for young minds, and facilitate further learning. A double-size poster of Namibia helps instill cultural identity through visual recognition of the Namibian map, flag, and diversity of the Namibian people. ? full-colour Big Book Four stories cover important concepts, namely Colours, Shapes, Time and Road Safety, for teachers to relate to in the story time. Each story can be revisited from various angles, depending on the material taught. Animals and real-life situations, which learners can identify with, help learners remember the new ideas, vocabulary and structures better. Interesting illustrations of the Namibian environment increase learnerís attention span and enjoyment.